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I decided to get my RPYT this year.

Hi everyone, this year I decided to become officially certified to teach prenatal yoga. I have so many qualifications for movement in order to support pregnant people but I wanted to start teaching more yoga this year. I am a registered 200hr yoga teacher already however wanted to dive back into my personal practice as well and integrate my previous pieces of training into prenatal yoga.

Most prenatal yoga classes specifically work on external rotation of the hips only, and Kegels ( primarily an outdated practice unless told by a pelvic floor PT you need them.) My classes focus on strength building, relaxation, finding pelvic stability, and learning the correct ways to breathe during pregnancy and beyond. I sprinkle in birth preparation and postpartum preparation into every class I teach. In my classes, you will have an opportunity to share your stories of pregnancy, the highs, and lows, and essentially find community support.

I am offering a donation-based community class each week via zoom at 8 am. If you d like to join me here is the link Powerful Prenatal Yoga. - Namaste Well. If you'd like to follow along on all my work for prenatal yoga teacher training and receive tutorials on how to do postures, different styles of breath work etc please subscribe to my youtube channel. Right here Danielle The Doula - YouTube

Be well,


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