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Is the rise of internet the end of formal childbirth education?

The internet is a vast place. You can find information on every parenting topic. From breastfeeding to when to call 911 yourself or your baby. Some families use it as a diagnostic medical tool and so on. (I strongly urge you not to do that.) What we aren't so careful about is where is this information coming from? Is the source credible? Is the person sharing this information sharing only from their personal experience? Don't get me wrong personal experience and sharing parenting stories is important to recognize what we should take away from the sharing and*9-+ what we should not. Just because someone shares a lot of their personal journey in breastfeeding/ chestfeeding or birth it does not make them qualified to teach or instruct others. Is your famous tik tok character qualified to teach master classes on all things birth? I mean she had two babies right? Perhaps she does not have any qualifications in teaching or on the flip side she may be well qualified and she's great at presenting the information. So keep engaging. It's good to ask questions and please do!

1. Ask about qualifications

2. Ask about works cited ( where is the information coming from?)

3. Ask about the research behind the work.

Here are some reasons to seek formal childbirth education classes ( this includes virtual settings from qualified instructors or institutions)

  1. Content is created to educate, inform and empower a parent. Content is presented in various ways.

  2. Certified Educators are required to stay updated on new research, evolving clinical trials, and the best evidence to share with families.

  3. Education is presented in a logical order and flow.

Join me on September 9th for my childbirth education course, as a Certified Lamaze educator I will be sharing Lamaze Six healthy birth practices and then some. Use code EARLY bird at check out for $25 off. Class is self-paced and virtual lives. Bonus content will include 2 birth prep live classes (movement-based). Check out my home page and read about my qualifications to share this content with you!

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